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Spending Quality Time with your Children

In my early days of parenting, I struggled a lot with Mom guilt. Leaving my young kids everyday to go to work, and wondering if I was spending enough time with them.

As time went on, I realized that I didn't need to spend the whole day with them, I only needed to spend "quality time" with them. That changed EVERYTHING for me. I started investing heavily into the few minutes before they leave for school, when they get back and during the weekends and holidays as well.

Quality time (with limited or no distractions) to:


💎reassuring them of your love

💎play games or just have fun,

💎hear their views about life,

💎teach them (bible, academics, chores, life lessons, etc)

💎listen to what happened in school,

💎ask about their struggles

💎answer questions

💎pray and worship together.

💎learn from one another

💎talk about my day

💎correct them and to keep correcting them

💎ensure they eat their fruits/veggies😀.

The list is endless.......................

This is LOVE. Well done Parents! Let's not get tired of spending QUALITY TIME with our kids!

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