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Are we really listening to our kids?

I have been meditating on the part "A" of a scripture for a while, "Be swift to hear but slow to speak...." James 1:9

⭐It's amazing how something as simple as this can be such an issue for a lot of us not just in parenting but in different areas of our lives.

⭐Why do we prefer the comfort of defensiveness to being able to own our truth?

⭐Why do we jump to conclusions with a response without really listening to what is being said?

⭐How many child-parent relationships have broken down because one party refused to listen?

⭐That child that made a mistake, could it have been avoided if we listened, especially to unuttered words?

⭐Why did sibling rivalry thrive exponentially more in previous generations?

⭐Why do some relationships break down?

To learn to listen well will not happen overnight. We need to be INTENTIONAL about it. We need to be humble enough to hear another person's point of view without judging.

I'm learning daily to REALLY listen to my kids even as I teach them to listen to me.

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