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Your Parenting Journey is Unique

I was having an interesting conversation with someone today about this parenting journey and how it is so UNIQUELY unique! And you know what? There's grace specifically packaged and designed to navigate that journey with a lot of lessons to learn.


When I look at my children, I just see FAITH BOOSTERS 😁 because my faith has been stretchedddd🤣 and is growing daily!

⭐Some parents will never have to struggle about serious behavioral issues while others will need to be tenacious about dealing with this.

⭐Some parents will be in peculiar journeys where one parent has to modify their career path just to have more time for the kids. A couple once told me that one of them had to work nights so that the kids could have more parental involvement during the day.

⭐Some parents will have to go through a season of intense intercessions to believe God for a breakthrough for their children. I remember a case where a Senior Executive had to resign from 9 to 5 for a while to nurture her last child who was going astray....

⭐Some parents have special needs children and have to embrace the sometimes difficult but totally rewarding journey to nurture these precious gifts.

⭐Some parents will have to make the tough decision of sending their children to boarding house or to live with grandparents for a while just to address an issue.

And the list goes on and on.....

Whatever your parenting journey is....there is ABUNDANT grace for you to navigate that journey beautifully. YES YOU CAN

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